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Enduro Rally in Tome Attracts a Large Number of Participants



The first Enduro Rally competition in Latvia took place in Tome, Ķegums region, on 14th May. Roads, forest trails, clearings, sand quarries and marshes were filled with 164 participants – an impressive number for an Enduro event.

This competition required quite some skill and physical fitness from all participants. The track was made even more challenging by the persistent rain. The participants were pleasantly surprised by the varied track, the freshly logged forest clearing of Red Bull Romaniacs style, as well as the large sand mount that had to be conquered. Winners of the second place in Hard Enduro class Pēteris Sliede and Juris Deičmanis said that “the forest clearing was quite difficult but the sand quarry was just a pleasure – give some gas and enjoy”. Juris Deičmanis adds: “I am glad about the large number of participants, the beautiful landscape relief and the variety of tracks. From the rider’s perspective, everything was positive”.

Tourist class was the most numerous at the competition, with 25 teams at the starting line. Their track was less difficult because they did not have to take the timed Special Tests, but still, completing the track required quite some effort. Participants from a team from Jēkabpils are satisfied with the competition. They reached the finish line while giving a friendly help to another team who ran out of petrol.

In Hard Enduro class the winning team out of the 27 teams was „MK Vytis” (Evaldas Kleiva, Mindaugas Šimkevičius) from Lithuania, leaving „Puslitrs ar Jurīti” (Pēteris Sliede, Juris Deičmanis) in second place and „Miškinai” (Raimondas Pilys, Mantas Mikoliūnas) in third place. In Soft Enduro or large motorcycle class with eight teams, the winners are „Adventurer 2” riders Rolands Gulbis and Ingus Vanags, with „Adventurer” (Martins Gailis, Aivars Pupovs) in second place and „LT250” (Simonas Milasauskas, Arturas Sapalas) in third. In ATV Quads class with 13 teams the fastest result was shown by team „MAMA MIA” (Paulius Vaišneideris, Mindaugas Skudutis) followed by „ATVFANAI RT” (Tomas Kaubrys, Antonas Kanopkinas) and „MRT4” (Kaspars Antīpins, Intars Birkerts) in third place. In Sport Quads class with six teams, the podium was filled with Lithuanian riders only – the first place went to „Quad Veteranai” (Vladas Paplauskas, Kestutis Kaminskis), second place - „PAGIRINIAI” (Marius Pauža, Tomas Minkauskas), third place - „MOTOBROLIAI” (Linas Baltrušaitis, Laurynas Kudakas).

The organisers thank all participants, who were not afraid of the unknown and of the new Enduro discipline, and wish them to learn from mistakes and to continue practicing to achieve even better results in the next Enduro Rally competition that will take place on 8th October in Pabrade, Lithuania.


Results you can see HERE

Moto-expedition "around Arabia 2009" is paused for some time. While bikes are still in Iran, drivers returned to Latvia to meet Christmas trees instead of Palms...;) To be continued after few months... There are published new pictures of our adventures in Oman, UAE and Iran.
The start of the moto-expedition ‘aroundArabia 2009’ is due on Friday, 23rd October, 3pm from the Palace Square in RIGA with a team of three motorcyclists, ”apPasaule” members: Mārtiņš Sils, Aldis Apšenieks and Andis Neļķe. Riders plan approximately 17 000 km and 7 weeks long drive to get to the heart of the Arabic world – Arabian Peninsula. The journey will be taking place late autumn 2009 when Latvian motorcyclist’s season is over, therefore the drivers heading off to these, even in winter warm regions, will extend the time allowed for motorcycling. On their way the drivers will be crossing the South of Russia and Azerbaijan, then will get to Iran which is planned to crossed diagonally on its length. From Iran, crossing the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Peninsula will be reached and almost all of its countries – United Arabian Emirates, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia - visited.
Dear friends! This is the 4th year since Latvian championship in Moto Adventure Race is going on. The race is 6 to 24 hour long moto competition with orienteering and other special tasks on motorbikes. The race is organized by Moto Adventure Club „apPasaule” in close cooperation with Latvian Motosports Federation. Moto Adventure Race is a team race in which sportsmen participate with moto technique – motorbikes and quads. The race takes place outdoors in a district indicated by the organizers without any marked route. Orienteering of moto sportsmen in the district and overcoming of physically difficult obstacles is in the bases of the race. The race lasts from 6 up to 12 hours. Moto Adventure Race is organised for all types of motorbikes and quads. This time the race will go on on October 17th, in VIDRIZI, Limbazi region. Translations of rules will be provided upon special interest. For any questions or comments about the race, please do not hesitate to contact me on e-mail: kristaps.ramins@filter.lv, or call: + 371 26535444 For any questions about appropriate insurance and license, please contact Latvian Motosports Federation. Kind regards, Race organizer Kristaps Ramins